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Creativity Bug

Guest: Oakland, California based artist, Jay Katelansky, MFA

Convinced you've outgrown your crayola box? Think again. Studies show that activating creative expression allows you to increase brain connectivity, alleviate stress, and improve your quality of life. Probably why the adult-coloring book industry has sky-rocketed. Nothing says YAS like a new box of sharpies and a few minutes to be creative (you know, just enough time before you start getting anxious about not working); sounds like a great way to unpack to me. But is there more to the process?

As kids we were all artists, but along the way most of us grew out of the idea of being creative; probably because we were told it was just a hobby and dismissed any and all creative outlets which actually soothed us during the day hashtag: tragic.

For this month's Hybrid post, I spoke with Oakland, California artist Jay Katelansky, MFA. In the interview, Jay talks about the importance of creative expression, how it can shift your emotional state, its impact on mental health, and what you can do this week for self care. Jay also discusses her work as a multi-media and installation artist that focuses on the black community and turning trauma into joy. Grab the interview here

Positive Distraction of the Week: 

For your self-care idea this week, get creative. Jay suggests creating unique collages and explains the power behind this form of art:  

"It's [collages] a re-imaginative process, which is why its good for self-care. I feel like collating is therapeutic because it's creating an environment that doesn't exist or one that can potentially exist. It's also affordable because you just need scraps."

You can find great tips to get you started here

Check out some of Jay's work below and intentionally make it a creative week; reinvent your inner crayola kid.

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Best, Dr. Dyce