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Let’s face it. Self-care is difficult. Probably because it requires intentionality for the person who is usually the easiest to put on the back burner: ourselves.

But you know what: Obedience > Sacrifice.

Intentionality takes obedience.  Often we look at tasks we have to do and become overwhelmed and then stop. Add a dash of life circumstance and a sprinkle of organized chaos, we fail to accomplish goals and then feel disappointment from the failure. 

While we start to feel all of the feelings, we get lost in a cycle of negative thinking. It is difficult to battle negative thinking and protect your motivation. This cycle often prevents us from action and desired results.  Let’s cancel that; Become a doer.

Do what you need to do take care of yourself each week. 

Self-care is an appointment you make for yourself as you do with any and everything else.

Throughout this blog I will refer back to this post because intentionality is the foundation, the quintessential core.  It is the gluten free bread and vegan butter of all things self-health. We’ve got to start at home base and that involves learning how to become intentional about methods we put in place to help us win. Become competitive with yourself and set your own expectations.  Intentionality takes practice, but over time it can increase the quality of your life; honestly, truly. 

Positive Distraction of the Week:

The self-care agenda. Set a timer and take 15 minutes to develop a schedule or system to put in place to help you win at one thing you'd like to alter this week; just one. Here are a few self-care ideas:
  1. Get out of bed at the same time every day this week
  2. Make sure you eat breakfast every day this week
  3. Schedule a specific time for grocery shopping for each week/month
  4. Develop a room by room schedule to clean your house
  5. Map out your fiscal expenditures for the month to help maintain strong financial health throughout the year

Remember, you are the hero of your reality show of life. Be intentional about your trip into the void that self-care fills.

Thanks for checking-in and be sure to (intentionally) followup in a week.

Best, Dr. Dyce