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Self-Care 101

Hi. Welcome to your weekly follow-up. My name is Ceymone Dyce and I am a clinical mental health therapist.

Over the years I’ve realized that there is a difference between effort and results. While you know the importance of taking care of yourself, it is often difficult to think of new, fresh ideas and remain consistent. 

Often we feel self-care is a luxury when in fact, is is a necessity and crucial to our emotional well-being.  Self-care is the plug you need to fill the leaks void creates. Making yourself a priority is survival.

Your Weekly Follow-up (#YWF), provides bite-sized, digestible ideas to increase your self-care, because I know it often feels like a huge task.  The focus of YWF, is on specific and identifiable solutions to tackle stress and cope.

Check-in with me each Sunday and we'll work to build an arsenal of emotional wellness. Be sure to add YWF on your social channels so that you never miss a beat. Share any post using the social channel buttons below + check out this month's curated play-list. Podcast coming soon!

Best, Dr. Dyce