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Press Play

Six-months ago I had a full-blown, adult temper-tantrum.

A lot of incomprehensible words and frustration while sitting on the floor of my friends' living room.

I was so upset with myself because I didn’t remember a step in a craft I used to do all of the time (I know) hashtag: research exhaustion. However, it was in that moment I realized: there were a lot of things I put on hold or stopped doing due to other priorities and responsibilities. Crafting is my jam - so I hated that feeling.

I was not angry that I had just wasted money on overcooked, un-usable chocolate, but frustrated that I completely stopped the routine of doing things that I use to enjoy.  I hit pause for so long, I didn't know how to get back in the double-dutch swing of things. I got over it, but let's forever cancel that. This week, press play: 

Positive Distraction of the week

I encourage you to do something you used to do before life happened.  Usually these are activities that involve the phrase: "I used to do X every Y” or “You know, before (life event) I used to X”. 

My plan for the week: I am a tea aficionado. Afternoon tea for me is what I imagine morning coffee is for most. Learning about different tea types, certifications, and differences in blend by country and region is a hobby I used to have as self-care and will intentionally re-introduce this week. 

To get started, I teamed up with The Republic of Tea. An awesome premium tea brand that understands the power in a quality cup of tea & the benefit of self-care and wellness for all. Since 92' the company has provided ethical and quality services truly making each individual brew an experience. I highly recommend their Bio-Dynamic Heirloom Chamomile and U-Matcha Chai Tea (yas) seen below. There are so many options varying on your taste and tea-sperience level.


+This is not a sponsored post. Products were sent gratis. All opinions are my own.

Takeaway: Take a few moments and think about something you’ve left on the back burner far too long and re-introduce it to your week. Also, check out this month's new playlist and follow YWF on Spotify!

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Best, Dr. Dyce