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Downplayed Luxuries

Sometimes, it's hard to intentionally perform an act of kindness toward yourself. We rarely take additional steps to be deliberate and put in the same time that we would for someone else [ugh]. I think this is because feelings become overwhelming, aka (guilt).

For example, how many times have you been somewhere and convinced yourself not to purchase a particular item or maybe you’ve talked yourself into not having something because you feel spending money on the item is a waste, ie: "think about what I could do with this amount of money used toward x", or "this [item] equates to about [x] amount of hours of work, is it worth it for me to have it?"

While this post isn’t here to tell you how to spend your coins or what to spend your coins on, I am here to glorify and encourage you to enjoy a downplayed luxury.  It goes back to the little things really.  Downplayed luxuries are items that are indeed a bit of grandeur, but they don’t necessarily break the bank. It’s the extra scoop of guacamole that you would generally say no to, but I know you deserve.

This week take a moment to add something extra for yourself. Bump your selfcare up another step by embracing a downplayed luxury, which on the lowest of keys, always get me super hype.

Positive Distraction of the Week:

The devil is in the details. Downplayed luxuries are small enhancements to items and practices we do all of the time. Here is a list for example of ways to I kick up selfcare with downplayed luxuries that you can also incorporate:

1.     I'll enjoy the luxury of waking up sans alarm clock at least one day of the week.  

2.    I Intentionally go to a fish market and ask questions about a fish I’ve never heard of or tried and create a new meal with this ingredient.

3.     I don’t drink juice often, but when I want something cold and yums I’ll get a martinelli apple juice or alo juice with pulp, YAS.

4.     I’ll grab a tea at starbucks instead of making a cup at home.

5.     I’ll have an adult grilled cheese Sammy with jazzy cheese from the international section of the grocer.

6.     I’ll grab a flavored Pelligrino or a Perrier, even though I am not above a polar ice, because sometimes I’d like an infused fruit beverage instead of the regs.

7.     My favorite drug store body washes are dial and Aveeno, but every other season I’ll swap them out for a luxury item from Philosophy, hashtag: obsessed.

Takeway: This week, take advantage of the downplayed luxuries you normally decline. Thanks so much for following-up, you can like this post below via heart-moji, and be sure to share this with a friend who could also use a downplayed luxury and comment down below! Be sure to follow-up in a week!

Best, Dr. Dyce