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Interior Vibes

This post kicks off a 4-part Sunday series I've created for March, largely inspired by a personal fave of mine: spring cleaning.

Let's work this month to invoke tranquility and positive juju.

We underestimate the energy that flows when we have furniture positioned a particular way or how different angles can affect our mannerisms, non-verbal behaviors, and overall functioning.  In short, spatial placement can affect your mood. Our homes are to be a comfortable space as we seek shelter, rest our head, and recuperate from the world there.

Similarly, our work spaces should generate productivity and efficiency to accomplish tasks. This week I focus on the power of Feng Shui and how to bring the harmonization back to your living and/or work space through furniture movement and cleaning practices. Whether you pick a specific room or make a project to Feng Shui your entire home or office, check out a few of the tips below to get going and bring the spring season in right. Still reaching over cords and hard to move areas? Cancel that. Let's increase the good interior vibes. 

Positive Distraction of the Week:

Feng-shui an area or room in your living or work space. Small adjustments like rearranging objects and accessibility can make a huge impact and increase positive vibes.  The three most important spaces in any home are:

1. your entrance area

2. your kitchen and

3. your master bedroom

Take a look at those handy lists for Feng Shui basics to get started.  Once you've got the general idea, kick it up a notch and work on a few of the smaller details like color, photographs, and lighting. 

Pro-tip: Take a listen to this month's self-care sunday playlist while you start shifting your space.

Cheers to happy vibes and positive adjustments. Be sure to follow-up next Sunday. Thanks for clicking in!

Best, Dr. Dyce