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Actually Go To Brunch

A new season brings a surge of events in our social spaces. Sometimes, we get caught up in the moment of running into someone. When did "let's get brunch" become the blanket for not really saying goodbye or even see you later? We make plans and know they'll probably fall through. It's okay, we've all done it but we need to nip it in the bud. The problem with making empty plans is that you're continuing the pattern of saying yes to someone or something that does not serve you or make you happy. Cancel that. Either say no and mean it or be intentional about saying yes and actually go to brunch (remember those skills)?


Positive Distraction of the Week:

It's time for an audit! The goal of this week is to spread your intentionality skills over to your social spaces. Look through your calendar and examine what you're committed to that probably needs a cancel. Are you over extended? Are you doing the right thing for the wrong reason? Neither serve you or your wellness. Remember: Self-care is a continued act in all spaces and places.

Takeaway: We've all been there. Everyone loves a good brunch story - but make sure you're showing up for the right reasons.  If you're going to keep that RSVP date, eat the big salad and actually follow through. If not, continue practicing the art of saying no thank you.

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Best, Dr. Dyce