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Self Affirm

Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening - Lisa Hayes.

Totally Lisa. Your internal representation of yourself says a lot about how your brain perceives you to be.  Self-talk is the voice in your mind that tells you about you. When it's positive, self-talk may help to validate and support you, possibly increasing your confidence or self-esteem. On the flip side, negative self-talk allows you to generalize, anticipate the worst, selectively filter and magnify the worst aspects of a situation, or become very polarized (black and white only).

Don't worry, I'm guilty too.

Self-talk allows you to set the blueprint for your capabilities and motivation. Since mental imagery (visual representations in your brain) and self-talk are related, it would be wise to audit the catalog of images we have created from our own personal voice.

So. If what you say to yourself can have a direct impact on your outcome and behavior why is it that you say some of the worst things to you? Be honest. Would you talk to a stranger the same way you speak to yourself?

Cancel that. This week let's recognize and edit your patterns.

Positive Distraction of The Week:

Start your week on a healthy tone and pace. This week we're working on how and what you say to yourself and editing out the rest. Below are three options for you to upgrade your self-talk game this week and transform the negative to the positive: 

/ˈˌself ˌafərˈmāSHən/


the recognition and assertion of the existence and value of one's individual self.

Here are 35 solid positive self-affirmations, that The Huffington Post claim will change your life. Idea: pick 1-2 and jot them down in your phone on your journal. Set yourself a reminder to revisit your self-affirmation statement of the week.

Here is an example of a post-it note intervention I use in session. This is a favorite, tried, and true way to work on self-talk (and pretty much everything else): write it down. I use this a lot with my patients using different colored post-it notes, markers, stickers, ETC. These can be as simple or elaborate as you want. Neon sticky notes make great backgrounds as well as different size/width of black markers. 


Here is a 2017, new age example of setting a weekly theme or mantra. I used a mini cinema lightbox to set the pace for this hectic week. I really like how I can change my mind (hashtag: gemini) and update my mantra as I wish. It displays very nicely, does not over heat or take up too much space. I was worried at first that the lightbulbs would be a problem, but I am very satisfied with this acquisition. You can also purchase decals and symbols which pretty much makes this an awesome kit for wellness this week. You can grab one on their website here for weekly inspiration.

Takeaway: There's a reason why repetition is the best form of learning any new information. The same goes for the verbal data we feed our emotions created within. Thanks for clicking in + feel free to share this post with a friend. You can like this post below via heart-moji and/or leave a comment below. Be sure to follow-up in a week!

Best, Dr. Dyce

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