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There's An App For That: 7 mental health apps you need

I’m always on the hunt for unique and refreshing ideas to activate self-care and I'm pretty obsessed with anything that makes my life easier. For instance, I just found this smart blender & I'm obsessed - can you imagine the possibilities (especially at work)?

See, there I go. 

I tried to fight going fully technologic, mostly in fear of one-day spilling water on something, having a short circuit, losing it all, and never having a hard copy as a backup - but there are just too many cool and innovative inventions out to help you win. I think I blame watching 'Smart House' as a kid.

Since, you can officially refer to me as Judy Jetson, this week I rounded up a list of apps that align with YWF's goals for self-care and wellness. Check them out below and let me know what works for you!

Positive Distraction of the Week: 

Get technologic and try out one of the apps below designed to help you win and upgrade your self-care this week: 

Take A Break

iphone | android

This app is all about meditation and it gives you the option to listen with or without music. It was voted the best meditation app of 2014. The app claims deep relaxation, stress relief, and meditation benefits without prior experience needed. Price: $0.00


iphone | android

Pacifica is an awesome app that is focused on mindfulness, relaxation, and audio meditation. The app includes guided self-help path activities, a mood tracker, thought recording journaling and analysis, daily challenges, goal tracking and more. The intro account price is: $0.00 and the full suite access is $5.99 for one month and $35.99 for a year.

White Noise

iphone | android

I love white noise. I sleep a lot better with the sound in the background and during the day it works great to drown out any unwanted noises, stay focused and block distraction.  It is a very soothing experience and this app is your own person white noise maker. Try it when going to sleep, traveling on a plane, or while you are attempting to get work done. Price: $0.00

Virtual Hope Box

iphone | android

VHB is an app with simple tools to help you cope, relax, and work toward positive thinking. I like this app because you can also utilize it in treatment with your therapist. You can store a variety of multimedia content that you personally find supportive in times of need IE: inspirational quotes, reminders of previous success, positive life experience, etc. There are also guided imagery, controlled breathing, and muscle relaxation tools.

Grid Diary


Grid diary is awesome if you are a little terrible in keeping a journal. I know I have a hard time because I do not really know who I am writing ‘to’ if that makes sense. The app offers personalized templates, Inspired Questions/prompts for you to check in with yourself, you can write your own prompt, and learn to enjoy your memories via your journal/diary entry on your phone or tablet. Price: $0.00; Pro pricing: $4.99 one time purchase, $1.99 monthly subscription. Pro features: passcode lock, multiple reminders, night mode, font customization.

Calm App

iphone | android 

Calm is a meditation app that is great for beginners and has hundreds of programs for intermediate and advanced users. The app offers guided meditation sessions in various lengths for you to select and introduce in your schedule. Topics of guided meditation include: calming anxiety, managing stress, loving-kindness, self-esteem, forgiveness, calm kids, and more. Price: $0.00 to download and unlock basic features, $12.99 per month; $59.99 per year.

Pomodoro Timer

iphone | android 

I first discovered this app when writing my dissertation. I realized that I needed something to hold me accountable during the process and stay productive. I learned that I worked best in short spurts when I knew a break was coming compared to long drawn out sessions. The Pomodoro method is a timing system that puts [x] amount of 25 minute work sessions together with a 5 min break after each one. After 4 consecutive working time blocks, you get to take a longer break for around 15-20 minutes. It is a great behavioral app and any stride toward being more productive is a decrease on anxiety and performance.

Honorable Mentions

Visual Breathing

Balance your breathing and sync in with this very quick video. This is my go-to on a stressful day because it's easy to do, I can watch it on a quick break in-between clients or during my lunch break.

I hope this list is helpful to you or someone you may know. Thanks for clicking in + feel free to share this post with a friend. You can like this post below via heart-moji and/or leave a comment below. Be sure to follow-up in a week!

Best, Dr. Dyce