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Workplace Dynamics

I feel like the holidays aren't really over until after MLK's birthday. Hear me out. Even though most of us head back to work and/or school directly after the new year, when I know there is another 4-day week around the corner, I feel that I can still squeeze out a few more days of Bing Crosby and mulled cider. Right?

Alright fine- but if you roll with my thinking, tomorrow we are officially, officially, back to the regularly scheduled program, which also means we are back to workplace dynamics and of course workplace personalities.

Believe it or not, your self-care toolbox also needs strategies to help you win at work. Toxic workplaces are sneaky because they have the ability to linger and impact your emotional state throughout the day. For example: amping you up before you leave to go to work, doubling down while you cope during the business day, taunting you in your travel to the post-work destination, and often time, spilling over into your home life- ugh. It is crucial to be aware of the impact your work and/or school dynamics have and manage accordingly.

Positive Distraction of the week:

Incorporate small self-care activities that are in-sync with your workday. Here are some self-care ideas as you head back to your work spaces:
  1. Intentionally create borders for things that are not important; prioritize your work day needs and stick to them. Delegate tasks you don’t have to be in control of.
  2. Minimize your procrastination and balance your days so that you are not slammed on either spectrum of the work week. You do not owe your job your identity or sanity. 
  3. Last, it is crucial to examine your interpersonal boundaries. Make sure, just as your outside relationships, your work relationships are also productive and healthy. That means, remove yourself from unproductive conversations and energy draining circles. Work is already enough on your cheese plate and comparison in any relationship, is the ultimate thief of joy: worry about yourself.

Takeaway: it is so important to increase the priority of self-care. It is the umbrella (ella) over everything you do; self-care keeps you balanced. Feel free to get creative and be sure to let me know how this week goes via comment below. Share this post with a friend and bring one to next Sunday's session. Thanks so much for following up!

Best, Dr. Dyce