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Visionary View

Your life can change in a few seconds.

A glance at something can completely alter your thoughts, attitude, and create a domino effect impacting your behavior. There is a power in seeing your desires everyday. Having a constant reminder of what you want and why you wake up every day in visual representation is empowering.

Each one of us has a mix of things we want to accomplish this year.  Whether you have a specific, material goal or are working toward something more abstract, i.e. increased freedom or enhanced awareness and insight; a vision board is one path to attain these goals.  Vision boards are a consistent reminder to keep progressing onward. 

Creative visualization is real. It's a powerful force that works to shape future outcomes. -Harvard Medical School

Positive Distraction of the Week:

Get visionary. As we start the beginning of this journey toward optimal self-health, goal setting is a major key. For this week's dose of self-care, create a vision board. 

Don’t feel obligated to have one particular design or structure based on what you think the board should look like. Your vision board can be themed to where you focus on on particular goal or a combination of various objectives you see for the new year.  I also dig vision boards because they provide delicate details of someone else’s life. Sharing them with your friends or completing it as a family activity is a neat idea and a great communication building activity.

This year I got a little 2017 and created a modern & digital vision board:

This year I wanted to focus on overarching themes. A few highlights include: continued minimalism in my every day life; continued growth in my friendship circles; less doubt; continued work in helping others; increasing my culinary skills! (I really want to master Indian cuisine); increase opportunities for adventure, and more! 

I wanted to be able to take my design anywhere I went at all times. I also wanted to be able to update and change goals as the months roll along, hashtag: gemini problems.

Another spin on the traditional boards are vision boxes. It's a pretty rad idea, where you can store pieces of materials, words, and gathered photographs in a box creating an awesome physical display of your vision for the new year. Here are instructions for this approach.

Whichever your route, take a few moments this week to get visionary. Feel free to share your vision board process in the comments below, share this post, and/or let me know which vision project you've selected. 

Thanks so much for checking in this week. Let's follow-up next Sunday!

Best, Dr. Dyce