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Date Yourself

Valentines day is around the corner and what better person to show love to than, yourself. It’s so important to love yourself, I can't say it enough.  As humans I don’t think we can ever receive too much love and support as our capacity for it are infinite.

However, at any moment you may be the only source and supply of healthy and consistent love and you've got to know how to produce it. That being said, it becomes extremely important to learn how to love yourself.  Our friends, spouses, partners, and families are there to add-on to what we already have.  

You know, I'm not sure why the word alone gets such a bad rep. It is during the times that we are by ourselves we get to restore.  Incorporating self-care strongly aids in developing this skill.

Positive Distraction of the week:

Take some time this week to schedule in a date with you, for you. Table-for-one it up. Here are a few self-care ideas: 
  1. Play a video game unbothered.
  2. Go catch a film alone. 
  3. Teach yourself how to do something new.
  4. Go for a walk without your mobile device. 
  5. Netflix and solo chill. 
  6. Spend time completing Sudoku puzzles in that new coffee shop you bookmarked on your yelp a few weeks ago.
  7. Go across town for that specific treat you generally never spend the time to get, unless you pass it directly for a specific trip. 
  8. Intentionally do nothing.

Takeaway: Sometimes we get lost in the sauce of Valentine's Day (to self): "is everyone going to Jared?" So whatever you decide, be sure it’s intentional and it's only for you. Hold your own damn hand.

Whether Valentine's Day invokes ecstatic, neutral, or sixteen candles + pinot noir feelings, remembering you this year, no matter your plan is a step in the right direction for emotional self-care.

Thanks so much for following up this week. Feel free to share the love via the links below. I'm already looking forward to session with you next Sunday.

Best, Dr. Dyce