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Pronto Pesto

I made this pesto snack for additional self-care this week. I combined the ingredients in my ninja blender & kept it moving. #lifehack Proof you can fit bite-sized ideas anywhere. YWF recipes are all about keeping it simple and practical. Who's got the time?


1.5 C

fresh basil quickly blanched

1/2 C


1/3 C

pine nuts (toasted)

2/3 C

grated parmesan cheese, minced garlic, & cayenne pepper to your preference

The Move

Throw first three ingredients in your ninja blender or food processor until desired consistency (paste). Transfer to a medium bowl & fold in final three ingredients. BOOM.


Pesto + Grainy Bread + Poached Egg + Tomato Slices 

(or whatever you want to eat it with; you may only require a spoon)

Thanks for following up!

Best, Dr. Dyce