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Entertain & Engage

I absolutely love entertaining and planning events. I think sending a great invitation or note card to your guest is the extra layer of buttercream on a party cake. It may seem a little early, but the chaos of spring events are right around the corner. My undergraduate years were completed at Xavier University of Louisiana, located in New Orleans read: Nawlins’. After four years of indoctrination into all things jazzy, I am a firm believer that Mardi Gras officially kicks off the spring party season.

Next week is the Super Bowl and regardless of the team you are rooting for, if any (my Saints will get them next year), believe it or not, we use these gatherings as a way to connect with others and utilize social support as a little self-care. 

As the calendar rolls along, we’ll soon be in the full swing of: St. Patricks Day, Easter events, spring birthdays, Mother’s Day, wedding madness, baby showers, engagement parties, prom, and graduations; whew. It’s a good time to start thinking about the events you have coming up and also brainstorm when you may want to throw a gathering to entertain and engage with others. 

Positive Distraction of the week:

Consider hosting or co-hosting a small gathering to foster positive social vibes this week. Entertaining as self-care allows me to have a continued project to work and focus on. Formal, casual, themed (my personal fave)? Even a simple Super Bowl get-together or a self-care de-stress kickback can be enhanced with snail mail or email invites. I personally use for all of my invitation needs. Their custom patterns and designs along with a user friendly mobile app make the experience super luxe. Check out my spring patio party invitations below.

If you have introverted batteries, think about:  

  1. Scaling down the participant numbers and recharging in a smaller group.
  2. Completing an independent relaxing activity before or after engaging as I know it can be physiologically exhausting to engage at times.
  3. Another idea is to consider completing individual output activities in a group setting: e.g. invite people over for a DIY at-home evening creativity session. If you do however find yourself in a larger setting, here is a list of party survival tips to get you through the spring event chaos, hashtag: lifehack.

Takeaway: Get intentional about who you'd like to recharge with.That wraps up this week's session. Feel free to comment below and share with a friend. Be sure to follow up in one week for another dose of self-care!

Best, Dr. Dyce