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Rosemary + Citrus

I made this rosemary + citrus salt scrub for additional self-care this week. I added it to the end of my Sunday meal prep. #lifehack Proof you can fit bite-sized ideas anywhere. YWF recipes are all about keeping it simple and practical. Who's got the time?


2 cups

Magnesium Epson Salt

Approx. 5 Tablespoons

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Heaps of Lemon Zest

Freshly squeezed lemon juice ^ from that lemon

3 springs of Fresh Chopped Rosemary

The Move

I tossed the rosemary from the vegetable area of the grocery store into my basket looking to create something neat this week. I coarsely chopped up around three sprigs and mixed it with the olive oil while I assembled the rest. Juice 1 lemon and zest about 2; Mix together with salt base and when you feel the rosemary and oil have infused long enough or until you get tired of waiting, mix together with the salt and citrus creation. Store in air-tight container and keep refrigerated prior to use. Feel free to change up the citrus selection. I'm looking forward to recreating this in the summer with orange + lime. Thanks for following up!

Best, Dr. Dyce