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Blueberry + Sage

Friends, today has been a day. To say the least I needed a pick me up from all interactions & this really strange weather we are having. Last weekend I infused a jar of left over simple syrup with sage & decided a blueberry spritzer was in order for self-care today. Cheers to a stronger Wednesday. YWF recipes are all about keeping it simple and practical. Who's got the time?



Blueberries (the amount is to your liking)

Sage (about 8 leaves)

Sage Infused Simple Syrup

Ice Cubes 

Sparking Water (I am a La Croix disciple)

The Move

I placed the ice in the glasses and swirled around enough simple syrup to my liking. I then poured in the sparking water. Finally I added whole (to eat while drinking) blueberries, but you could also muddle them in your glass for a nice color effect. 

I don't drink soda, so a bit of simple syrup with sparking water can be a nice treat without feeling too guilty of all of the other chemicals in regular cans. Enjoy! 

Best, Dr. Dyce