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SnapChat Filter Cookies

Sending you grace on this extended weekend. Since I can’t be at #coachella I decided to make these #snapchat filter cookies for today. YWF recipes are all about keeping it simple and practical. Who's got the time? (Okay well this recipe takes a bit longer than usu, but the end result is worth it).


[shortbreads] - I followed Ina's recipe which you can grab here and then used a mini cookie cutter to get my desired baking shape. 

[royal icing] - So, usually sugar cookies & shortbreads have this glossy icing but I wanted the crisp white icing; especially for use as an adhesive for the edible flowers. I literally googled "white cookie icing" and found this FANTASTIC recipe for royal icing. I was so proud of myself andd learned something in the process about meringue powder- who knew?

[decor] - I found these amazing flowers at Gourmet Sweet Botanicals! Pictured are their cosmos and micro floral blend! I highly recommend this company if you want to add a bit of fleek to your baking. Edible flowers are handled just like produce. The flowers are shipped to you in a refrigerated cooling box and then kept in your fridge for up to 5 days. Such an awesome experience and totally changed my culinary game; hashtag: chefmode. 

The Move

Bake your cookies. Frost them. Decorate to your liking. Eat several. 


Best, Dr. Dyce

+Many thanks to Gourmet Sweet Botanicals for their support in this blog. I like to work with companies whose products I believe in. This is not a sponsored post, products were provided gratis. All opinions and thoughts about the businesses featured here are my own.