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Botanical Ice Lollies

Warning: lots of florals & bite-sized treats on the blog this spring/summer, because crafted pick-me-ups (esp. in this heat) are my fave form of self-care. I hope you're crushing this Thursday. YWF recipes are all about keeping it simple and practical. Who's got the time?



Coconut Water

2 Limes

Preferred Sweetener (I used a pinch of Stevia)

Edible Flowers

Popsicle Sticks

The Move

Mix your coconut water, fresh lime juice, and sweetener together. Fill your popsicle mold. About 1.5 hours into freezing push your flowers in with a popsicle stick. Place your mold back into the freezer. When you're ready to devour: run cold water over the popsicle mold, remove, enjoy. I really like these popsicles because they help keep me hydrated when I'm feeling childish about drinking water- plus, look at em'! Can you tell how excited I was after making the SnapChat Cookies? Ha! Enjoy.

Best, Dr. Dyce

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