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Tested: Pistachè Skincare

Sometimes during the week it’s tough to maintain all the things I have planned in my head for my skin, so I really like to take advantage of the weekend downtime to repair + restore from any mis-steps along the way. Self-care this week involved this super awesome Indie beauty brand: Pistaché Skincare. Founder, Sima Mostafavi, is a fourth generation pistachio grower who knows firsthand the long-term benefits of pistachio oil on hair and skin. Each product is infused with vitamin and mineral rich pistachio oil to formulate a powerful and natural product.


Literature Review

Pistachio oil is a natural moisturizer and infused with properties that hydrate + smooth the skin.

Top Benefits

  1. Anti-inflammation Properties
    • antioxidants in pistachio oil play a vital role in reducing inflammation in your body, ultimately impacting your skin complexion
  2. Anti-Aging Properties
    • the vitamin E in pistachios helps fight the aging process of skin
  3. Vitamin-E Overload
    • protects your skin from UV rays + keeps it moisturized + healthy

Progress Notes

Pistachio Body Butter – a.k.a The Boyfriend Body Butter

Key Ingredients: Pistachio Oil: Vitamin E, Blue-green Algae- (increases skin metabolism, restoring vitality)

I’m very particular about the feel + scent of my skin products. I find a lot of new items get dubbed as body butter + in actuality, it’s really just overly perfumed lotion. Body butter should be dense + absorbent- whipped + moisturizing! #rantover.  Pistachè provides a luxe, absorbent body butter that is made with natural + organic ingredients, boasting its California pistachio oil. Seaweed gives the butter it’s light green color, so you're definitely on track for cleaner care. This body butter has an amazing scent that is a bit sweet + nutty, but not overpowering or saccharine-y; It maintained it's moisture properties + my skin didn't feel dried out or irritated post use [I can't take it when you can feel your skin products linger]. 

Pistachio & Rose Divine Beauty Oil

Key Ingredients: Moroccan rose oil that has astringent properties, Almond Oil, Aloe

+This product also comes in Lavender, which is equally amazing + has soothing detoxifying properties.

Pistachè nails it. The hydration lasts + it’s not necessary to continue reapplying. I find a lot of oils will dry you out after an hour or so and don’t really do the job they claim or it lacks absorbency, sits on your skin, and takes too long to do its job. Next thing you know,  you’re slipping and sliding all over the place. #voiceofexperience. Not the case with this oil;  The Pistachè formula absorbs easily and there is no aftermath residue. It is also a multi-tasking product so you could use it to remove your makeup + moisturize your hair. Also, I usually get nervous with rose scents as they generally smell too artificial + overpowering. This oil has a nice, light weight scent, which is really important in these summer months because the last thing we need are overwhelming scents in 100 degree climates.

L: body butter R: rose divine oil


Unboxing Experience: I recognize the care and messaging in packing. The oils are packaged with both an individual nozzle cap + outer cap, then mailed in individual boxes- making this super travel friendly. The body butter is in an air tight container with a durable plastic body- which if you're clumsy like me, you know the dramatics of containers that hit the floor and splatter all over the place. This product took a hit on my hardwood floor + I definitely avoided an unfortunate situation after a drop or... three. These products blend in easy with my medicine cabinet + the interface is user friendly. (no random pumps, no left over product in non-effective tubes).

I'd definitely recommend this brand + I guarantee that you will come to see Pistachè all over the place v. soon. They're already popping up all through the reddit waves + have climbed to Amazon Choice status. I definitely think the sizes they've provided for us are generous + the boyfriend body butter is now one of those foundational items I'll go-to for consistent results. My mum asked to share + I declined- it's that good. Last- Pistachè offers a range of 6 different products, which I love, because it shows their seriousness of getting it right one product at a time. Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think!

Best, Dr. Dyce

+all photos taken by yourweeklyfollowup

+Many thanks to Pistaché for their support in this blog. This is not a sponsored post + products were provided for editorial consideration. All opinions and thoughts about the businesses featured are my own. I stay true to your weekly followup + my aesthetics.