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Tin-Foil Salmon

I'm probably going to be an outlier on this one, but summer is my least favorite season. I really enjoy my artificial air + hateee sweating (idk how it's so hot by 10am). BUT- summer gets a pass every now and then when we're talking BBQ so let's hop to this quick tin-foil salmon that is so easy, you'll probably want to eat it every day. this week, #beenthere. YWF recipe picks are about keeping it simple- who's got the time?

The Move

The great thing about tin-foil cooking is that the clean up is effortless. Spend your time not cleaning and enjoying the long extended sunshine (another perk, okay that's 2). Obviously you can mix + match your spices to whatever your preference is, but we really enjoyed the simplistic stylings of this recipe w. the addition of peppercorn as you can see from above. Let me know if you try this out + your results below.

Best, Dr. Dyce