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Vanilla Dutch Baby

A pancake? A crepe? A popover? A dutch baby is a German culinary hybrid that you can create into a savory or sweet canvas for unlimited ideas. Also, can we talk about how impressive it looks? Let's be honest, you're going to be proud to plate this at your next brunch with a couple of mimos. You can make the batter in your blender + from start to finish you're snacking in 30 minutes. YWF recipe picks are about keeping it simple- who's got the time?

This is my favorite recipe for a vanilla dutch baby. It is easy as pie + effectively works each time I make. I usually create a berry compote or relish for sweet replications, however for today I just cut up fresh strawberries + tossed with a bit of tupelo honey + placed on top, cause, hashtag: letseat. I've also used this recipe for a lemon sugar dutch baby which were a real crowd pleaser. These are a fun treat + also, like I said, really really easy to make (+ filling for the low!). Let me know if you tried this recipe below! 

Best, Dr. Dyce